On Feb 24th Sunny Crest Youth Ranch received final approval from the State of Michigan for their operational licence. After many months of hard work and preparation Sunny Crest is open for business.

The staff and Board of Directors of Sunny Crest Youth Ranch would like to thank all of our Ranch Partners for your support and encouragement. Because of your generosity Sunny Crest Youth Ranch will be "A Safe Place for Kids".

Thank You

Dedication of Karen Roth Home

Sunday August 24th was a celebration of what can happen when a group of people decide that they are going to change the world one child at a time. The dedication of the Karen Roth Home was one of six eventual homes that we Will have at the Ranch.
The Ranch was fortunate to have many of Karen’s Family travel from all over the country to share the special day with the community of volunteers at the Ranch.
It was an emotional day as people shared what the ranch meant to them. In addition to speeches given by Executive Director Ron Coppess, Board President Steve Barnum and Ranch Co-Founder and Board Secretary Richard Coppess the Ranch was also fortunate to have State Representatives Brian Calley,(87th District) and Rick Jones (71st District) share their support for the Ranch. Brian Calley and Rick Jones represent the area from where Sunny Crest will be getting the Ranchers from. They shared with our guests our Sunny Crest will be able to fill a very much needed void in the area and help to give kids and parents a chance for a better life.
Randy Roth, the husband of Karen, also shared with us his thanks to all of those who donated their time talent and treasures to help accomplish the reality of the Sunny Crest Youth Ranch. I think that Ron Coppess said it best when he said:

“All of this happened because Karen Roth and the Foundation took a chance on the SCYR. Will people remember your good looks, your wealth, the position that you have held in 100 years? No, but they will remember is you made a difference in the life of a child. Karen Roth will be remembered!”

Thank you to all those who helped making yet another successful event at the Sunny Crest Youth Ranch.

Kellogg Foundation Lends a Helping Hand

On Wed July 23, 10 employees of the Kellogg Foundation spent the day volunteering at the Ranch. With direction and guidance from Randy Blair of Blair Landscaping of Woodland the volunteers from Kellogg were able to completely landscape the first house with the plants donated by Blair Landscaping and Van Neste Landscape Nursery in Mulliken. It was a day of hard work, but the exterior of the house was transformed from a work site to an oasis. Ron thought that we had easily received over $10,000.00 in landscape work.
The biggest surprise of the day was the attendance of Dr. Foster. Dr. Foster, in addition to being the Vice President of Programs at the Kellogg Foundation, is one of the best post hole diggers that we have ever seen. In addition we received a lot of good feedback on the progress that has taken place at the ranch. I think we can count on continued support from the Kellogg Foundation.
Thank you for all your hard work!